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We create premium entertainment contents that not only entertains but also educates and informs you while taking your broad preferences and needs to heart. Our array of entertainment ideas provide a large pool of options to choose from, each one telling its own unique story and projecting a feeling of oneness among people.


FILM SCORE We engage the services of professional film composers to provide movie soundtracks that fit our film and its storyline perfectly while adhering to strict timecode.

MOVIE THEATER / CINEMAS Our motion picture services are streamlined to give you comfort and satisfaction while getting entertained.

FILM STUDIO Our film studios are well equipped to handle creative and physical production details of feature films for our clients and also finance and distribute films made by affiliate production companies.

Workshops We organize periodic workshops and seminars to spot acting talents and send them to the best movie academies to polish their set skills and in turn ease them gradually into the movie world to pursue their dreams.


KARAOKES Due to our passion for entertainment, we organize karaoke nights to give youths the opportunity to express themselves through music and interact with a community of like minds while drawing needed attention to their abilities.

Video Production and Distribution Our film studios are well equipped to handle creative and physical production details of world class music videos for our clients. we also assist in the distribution to creadible music streaming platforms.

CONCERT HALLS AND CHOIRS We connect our customers and clients with the best deals on concert hall rentals across the continent while also working with our partners and major shareholders to build innovative concert halls that meets our audience's entertainment needs.


Our reality TV programs pitches high among the best and most popular television shows the industry has to offer as we unpack a trailer load of uncompromised creative contents designed to keep our viewers glued to their seats and screens at all times. We continually ditch out premium entertainment-worthy contents in line with best practices across the globe to help families and friend unwind.

Sport Game shows

The sports industry plays a key role in uniting nations through various means and our company recognizes that by partnering with some of the best sports companies to bring families game shows where they can actively participate, win prices and generally be entertained.


Our company organizes various fashion events as this one to showcase the richness in African fashion and culture and also expose African models and designers to a whole world of new opportunities.

General entertainment

COMEDY CLUBS We recognize the rare and real abilities of comedians and comediennes across various African countries and so we provide platforms for them to showcase that talent and gain further recognition and exposure.

ART EXHIBITION AND FAIRS We engage the African community by actively providing exhibition platforms for public display of artistic talents. Our exhibition centers possess highly conducive spaces for the youths to display their creative works like paintings, drawings, sculptures, carvings, e.t.c.

Workshops We organize trainings, workshops and classes for youths to learn and be better at what they do.

Let's create great content together

We would love to do business. Let us help you create premium entertainment content that entertains, educates and informs your audience while keeping your unique message, brand values, and preferences front and center.